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  What do members say about IBAW programing?

“I almost always come away from an IBAW meeting with useable material that helps me with my business. Many times, a speaker will give me something that applies to ITU AbsorbTech. Other times, it is a conversation over breakfast that gives me value. Because of the intimate setting, it is easy to engage the speakers after the presentations. I have a number of contacts I use often that began at IBAW.”

- Jim Leef, ITU AbsorbTech

IBAW's mission is to provide insightful programming to its members. We do this by selecting knowledgeable speakers with business experience. 

The video to the right is a short selection from our discussion on exporting where we brought in Mr. Tom Bentley, CEO of Bentley World Packaging, Mr. Joe Jurken, Partner of the ABC Group and Mr. Damian Felton for the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 09 10 Ways to Better Conversations
Jan 20 "What It Means To Be Optimistic: Powerful Principles That Make a Difference!"
Jan 23 Business Behind the Scenes: St.Marcus Lutheran School
Feb 13 The Difference Between a Presenter and a Winner
Feb 17 "More Than Multiples: What Buyers & Sellers Should Know When Considering a Transaction
Mar 13 SALES ROUNDTABLE: Are You Chasing a Parked Car?
Mar 17 The Corners of Brookfield - An Exclusive First Look!
Apr 04 Business Behind the Scenes: CARMEX
Apr 10 What Are Your 7 Touches to Get a Sale or Appointment?
Apr 21 WASHINGTON UPDATE: Congressman Glenn Grothman
May 08 How to Capitalize on the New LinkedIn for Growing Your Sales
May 12 2017 Sporting Clay Shoot
May 19 Future Technology in the Workplace and Beyond
Jun 12 Open Format! Bring us your toughest sales & marketing challenges!
Jun 16 The Construction BOOM! A Special Panel Discussion
Jun 21 Bier...with ED
Jul 10 Raising the Dead...Lead
Aug 14 Eliminating Tongue Tied-itis
Aug 18 7 Steps To Building A High-Performance Culture
Aug 31 President's Circle Leadership Group
Sep 27 President's Circle Leadership Group
Oct 09 Sales Roundtable "Voice of the Customer – A Strategic Approach"
Nov 13 Sales Roundtable "Leveraging CRMs for Maximum Sales"
Nov 17 Wisconsin’s Future Workforce: The Challenges and Opportunities in Milwaukee K-12 Education
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